Process your emotions and connect with your true nature.

Our last course was mind-blowing!!

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Ready to free yourself from the burdens of stored emotions using a simple to follow process? Then this is for you...

FINALLY: A simple and practical way to learn what emotions may be stored in your body and do something about it.
Expressing your emotions just got a whole heap easier with the Release process.
Get unstuck and move forwards into...


Welcome to Release



You are not alone. Too many people are suffering with pain, injury, disease and mental imbalance... symptoms that can't be explained and that no one can diagnose.

I meet so many people stuck and frustrated with their body.
You're not healing like you 'should', your issues keep reoccurring, your body just doesn't function the way you want, or maybe you feel like you're falling apart.

You feel like you've seen everyone and done EVERYTHING.
Nobody can tell you what's going on.

Maybe you've just been told to "live with it".

Something inside tells you "there must be another way".

You know there is a deeper emotional connection, but you're not sure how to access it or what the hell to do with it.


You can discover what emotions you're storing,
How to release them,
and connect back to who you truly are...


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Dear Seeker...

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You've been around the block and feel like you've seen every therapist out there. All you've been told is to think positive and given coping mechanisms.
  • You know there are deeper emotional issues affecting your physical body.
  • You've read Louise Hay's books, Gabor Mate's 'When the body says NO', Bessel van der Kolk's 'The Body Keeps the Score' and definitely don't want to store emotions.
  • Maybe you've heard about somatic experiencing, emotional anatomy and psychosomatics but don't want to go and study for three years to help yourself.


  • You know your behaviour is a result of numbing out and trying to escape what you really have to deal with.
  • Every time you start trying to do the deeper work your body plays up.
  • You feel like you’re unlocking emotions but then you have no idea what to do with it all.
  • You’ve done loads of spiritual study, energetic healing but are still challenged to integrate this in a practical way.
  • You want to express yourself more but fear the criticism and judgment of others.

You Can Process Your Emotions.


It's really quite simple.
The only thing that gets in your way is your mind and logic.
I'll share four steps you can start implementing from day 1 to shift your emotions.

You might be shocked at what comes out when you give yourself over to the process.

As a result a number of things in your life can change...


  • Feel more at peace.
  • Start to see others for who they really are, appreciate and understand them.
  • Stop holding the negativity in your mind and body.
  • Truly prevent the pain, injury and disease.
  • Stand up and express what it is you believe in with power and conviction.
  • Become a true observer in life where you can watch and
    be present with it, rather than caught up in the moment and minutia.

I'm Dr. Jin Ong

Cathartic release therapist would best describe what I do and who I am now. 
I'm professionally trained as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist… 

I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients over the years. With their discomfort, chronic pain, injury, illness and disease. Many whom don't respond to traditional or conventional methods.

I am obsessed with the mind-body connection and fascinated by what comes out of people when they release on a deeper level. Not just emotionally. I love a good purge. The pees, the poos, vomits and so much more! Some say it's like an Ayahuasca or DMT experience.

I love to read into what emotions are held in your body and therefore what it's trying to tell you.

I have no filter when it comes to you asking me for advice for your problems. I'll tell you how I see it, you just need to be ready to hear it.

Let's get comfortable with discomfort and speak about the unspoken.

Introducing Release, a 6-week course.


  • Process your emotions and discover your true nature.
  • Give a voice to the unspoken
    and express the emotions you never had a chance to.
  • Learn how to read your body
    and understand what emotions are buried in there
    so you can now do something with them.
  • Discover your true nature so you can
    unapologetically express yourself for who you really are.


Processing emotions is only one element. The changes can happen fast as long as you don't get in your own way.
When you learn how to read your body, connect the dots and bring awareness to the deeper issues at play you’ll inspire, motivate and empower more people to make a positive change.

But first, it starts with you.

How is this course different?


There are too many people out there suffering
because people are too uncomfortable to talk about the truth.

Do you know what is harder for people to deal with than all the pain, injury and disease??


They complicate and intellectualise something that's so simple and innate within us.
To express ourselves.

I love to speak about the unspoken and take away the stigma.

To integrate eastern philosophy and practical methods into everyday life.
In a simple and easy to understand way.

I don't get spiritual or esoteric.
I make sense.

But I don't just speak about it. I'm all about taking action.

I bring my clinical real-life experience and the ability to speak the truth to your problems.

I'll teach you a process that as long as you're willing to give it a go and surrender to the process can have a huge impact on how you live life.

 This Is The Missing Link

Here's a taste of what you will learn when you join...

The Art Of Releasing

Learn practical exercises you can implement from Day 1 that last you a lifetime.

Where Emotions Are Stored

Learn what emotions you are storing so you can do something about them.

Your True Nature

Understand yourself.
Connect back to who you really are
& feel good about YOU.

Online Platform

 In-depth course content with video and written material to work your way through.

Live Coaching Calls

Six live coaching calls with Jin and her team. Replays available to participants.

Supportive Facebook Group

Share and learn as a group and receive additional support.

Guest speaker content

View guest speaker content who have presented to our group.

The Power Of A Group

It's amazing what shifts happen as everyone takes their masks off.
We all have SHIT underneath.

Live Coaching

Weekly live coaching with Jin & her lead coach to ask your questions and be supported along the way

Online Course Platform

Lifetime access to the course platform with video and written content to digest at your own pace.

Phone App

Access to a handy phone app so you can listen to the content on the go


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You May Wonder How This Will Work

  • Lifetime Access to 'Release' private membership site (videos and written content). 
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support from Jin and amazing support coaches to thrive with your community for the duration of the course. You will get access before we start so we can make sure you're all set for the first live call.
  • Video content to help build your knowledge base - these are kept short and to the point so they are easy to digest.
  • 6 Weeks of live group coaching calls providing an overview of the content with Jin and support from her lead coach (we'll alternate weeks) – Key parts of the content are covered. You will get the opportunity to ask your questions and be supported through the process.
  • All live group calls will be recorded and accessible to group participants.



  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions along your journey. Open for the duration of the course.
  • Guest speaker. We invite guest speakers to join us. Details are made available prior to each new course.

Who Is This Course For?

Whether you've done a lot of healing work or just discovered the mind-body connection. This course is perfect.

Release is open to anyone and everyone with an open-mind ready to learn more about themselves on a deeper level and do the work to shift emotions that hold them back.

****Please note that practitioners are welcome to join this course to work on your own issues. This is not for you to start implementing the techniques on clients. I have a specific training for practitioners which is far more extensive to give you the skills to facilitate this process.

Here's Some A-Ha Moments
You'll Have Along The Way.


  • How to generate a resolution through a simple process, even if it's in the past.
  • Become more aware of your body and how it speaks to you and what it means.
  • Laugh about your true nature and all the quirks that come with being you. Most of all how to keep yourself in balance.

Stop with the positive affirmations and coping mechanisms

"Your Physical Body Is A Reflection Of Your Emotional State"

Let's process versus cope with emotions

Here's a little snippet of some feedback...

Hear what others have to say about the process.



I've done a lot of emotional work but this got to the heart of the issue and it's the fastest I've ever been able to release.

I was able to generate a resolution to past issues I thought I had worked through. 

As a result, I had massive shifts in my life beyond what I expected.

I have a life long skill I can call on to help me process in as little as 30-60 seconds and feel clear about the direction I'm heading in.


I was so disconnected from my body. I bottled my emotions up for years. Scared to let them out!

I have a clearer life direction... before I had no plan/map for the future.

It's the best investment you'll ever make for yourself. Jin will hold you gently (like a friend) but also hold you accountable (like a bootcamp trainer), so no excuses!



Despite having done lots of previous therapy I still had issues that were constantly coming up again and again.

When I learnt how to process my feelings my outlook on life changed significantly.

I feel more sure of my choices and decisions, I feel certain of my future and what I choose it to be.

I'm me without that stuff on my shoulders.


I have spent more of my life than not, not really knowing how to be authentically ME.

I have had so many comments "you are just glowing" or "you are so content". I feel more like the true ME everyday. It's radiating out of me.

So many breakthroughs. Do you love yourself whole-heartedly?


I've talked about the core topics in my podcast...

My Pain Story

Giving A Voice To The Unspoken

The Unspoken Parts Of A Release

Are You Ready To Enroll?

Or do you have questions?

This isn't for everybody. It depends where you are on the journey. Only come on board if this work and what is shared in the masterclass resonates with you. You'll know if it's right.

Join the Waitlist to register for the next Masterclass to know if this work is right for you.

We all have emotions including you. That's all they are and often they just need a safe space to be heard. During this course you will uncover your own blocks that require acknowledging. 

Often in the group what is shared helps you learn.

If you choose to share you do need to be prepared to be vulnerable and trust that you are supported by myself, support coaches and the group.

If despite all the work you've done you're still feeling something is missing. And I'm guessing it is if you're asking this question... I suggest you approach with an open mind.

I often see people who have done tonnes of work, but when they surrender to this process and allow themselves they are amazed at what they can uncover, even when they thought they had already dealt with a situation.

Have a listen to Dana's testimonial video and Mel's podcast listed on the page for more insight from people who have done loads of work.

How is this different? The emotional processing is one aspect, I'm also teaching you how to understand your body and what emotions are held where and interweaving eastern philosophy into your everyday life.

Ultimately this work is about expressing who you truly are but before you can do that you need to clean up the mess.

I help you bridge the gap.

The earlier you get this information the better! However, it's up to you if you feel ready to implement it. That depends on your personality and how much it resonates with you.

Often people at the end of their tether are ready to go for it. What I cover will give you a good overview of what's required and you can always revisit the content if you need to.

You will be guided each week as to what modules to work on. Each module has a video/transcript/audio version that you can download and consume at your own pace.

You will need to set aside around 60-90 minutes per week. You have lifetime access to all of the content.

If you need any clarification on anything please use the Facebook group to ask questions. Don't wait for live coaching.

In addition to recommended time spent digesting the content there is a weekly live coaching call led by Jin (2 hours) or Ania (90 minutes).

Jin also often drops in facebook to do lives to speak to the themese in the group. It is unknown how many lives she will do- these are accessible via a replay document.

Each round we also have bonus Guest Speakers. These are announced prior to the course start date.

Most people learn from the live interaction. This can't be learnt from a text book. The lives will be used to reinforce the information that is covered on the course platform. Think of the content as your reference. It's ok if you don't get through it all by the end of the course. You have lifetime access.

To start getting personal changes you do need to implement the work especially the emotional release techniques which are introduced from week 1.

Each technique is broken down. Please ask for support if you get stuck (via the Facebook group).

The live calls are recorded and will be available via a file on the Facebook group.

You also have access to the private Facebook group and I’ll be there along with support coaches to answer questions for the duration of the training.

Some say the live coaching is the best part, to connect, share and grow. It is in your best interest to set aside this time to show up for yourself. This is also your opportunity to get comfortable with other's emotions and be inspired by the change the occurs.

Be on time for the coaching calls.
Jin and Ania (lead coach) will alternate hosting the live coaching calls.
Jin's teaching and coaching calls 2 hours.
Ania's coaching calls 90 minutes.

There are payment options available (just click through to the checkout page to see them).
Plus I’m going to put lots of time into supporting you to ensure you get the most out of this course. What you learn extends beyond the six weeks together.

Yes. Release has run before and has been a successful course with amazing feedback and changes in people's life.
I am always teaching it to my clients and teach practitioners online (in another training).  I’m constantly teaching this to my community. I’ve also held small workshops with therapists and the community teaching them techniques, and always integrate the emotional aspect into applying a technique. I also own two clinics with a team of staff. I have mentored many practitioners in my time. 

It all depends. This could be your only chance. Who knows? If you always say later, do yourself a favour and do it now. My motto is 'get started' and you'll be better off than if you didn't.

The group size will be perfect whatever it is. We have a number of support coaches on board to ensure your questions get answered.

It's up to you to step up and ask for support when you need it and we encourage this. You will get answers to your questions either on the live calls or on the Facebook group.

We're all individuals at different places in our journey.

Different personalities will grasp this and implement it differently. That's what I'll teach you as we go along.

You need to do the work and ask for support in the Facebook Group or live coaching if you get stuck. It's up to you to ask for support and share openly so we can understand where you're at.

The shifts experienced by participants in this group are incredible you'll just have to trust me on that one.

What Other People Are Saying


"The anger! I never realised how angry I was until I did my first process regarding issues with my partner. Then it all came out! WOW"


"I feel that I have broken through such strong awareness around my behaviours and reactions to situations. I am able to look at the situation rather than react emotionally. It brings such a softness to my nature. I feel more calm and able to read situations so much easier and not take them personally like I have done my whole life."


"I had the opportunity to processes pent up emotional experiences that I had pushed away and ignored for many years."


"The best part of Release was learning to trust myself more. Leaning into my strengths, while gently forgiving myself for past mistakes when I was in survival mode."


"My brain literally went into places that I didn't realise that it would go, and things came out of my mouth that weren't on my list but were clearly some of the crux of the problem in which I was not cognitively aware of."


"I became more confident, able to speak up more often how I feel about certain things and learnt how much our beliefs control us, stopping us to become to our true self."


"I released a whole lot of physical clutter that has been weighing me down for years. So much so I even put my house on the market. I have been wanting to release the house for a while but I also love it so it has previously been hard to let go of. But I am ready to move forward now. I trust I have the tools and ability to do the work in my own time going forward."


"My jaw pain has disappeared! Even around PMS when it used to come on the strongest and I was convinced it was a hormone imbalance. I’ve now been pain free for about 2 months. I was closed off to having a second child for the past six years, but after this work I was ready!"


"Aside from releasing some massive long-held emotions and trauma, my lip biting has decreased dramatically, to the point it’s almost non-existent now and I find I’m catching myself as soon as, if not before, it starts. I’m able to bring my awareness to it and connect it to what I’m thinking and feeling at the time. Huge! I haven’t smoked pot during our time together and don’t plan to anytime soon. In recent years I’ve only been an occasional smoker but doing this work has really brought my awareness to the ‘why’ I smoked when I did. I realised I was actually masking and stifling my feelings away a lot of the time, like sweeping everything under the rug. And also smoking when the kids had gone to bed, to enjoy some ‘me’ time. So coming back to prioritising self-care and alone time for myself. Huge again! It’s amazing. And seems so simple now, just processing our emotions, but our ego/programming/subconscious has us doing otherwise. Reflecting back I have had so many shifts over our time together and moved some MASSIVE massive stuff. I feel my emotional and body awareness has been heightened to the max, just have to keep that awareness up now. Thank you again, this work will definitely stay with me and also my children now."


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Imagine How It Would Be To...

  • Stop those experiences from the past revisiting you and draining you.
  • To learn how to process emotions in the moment so you don't store them in your body.
  • Create a new relationship with discomfort, pain and disease (maybe even shift it significantly).
  • To have boundaries in life that are respected by others.
  • To speak up for what you stand for with compassion not anger.
  • To stand in your own power and understand that others are just who they are.
  • To see and feel the SPACE between a potential trigger and a reaction and make a CHOICE in how you respond
  • To get clear on WHO you are and WHERE you want to be

"My biggest breakthrough has been a major boost to my confidence and understanding of my personality, body type and emotional tendencies so that I can be more confident in my uniqueness. There have been so many amazing changes. All my relationships are better because I have more understanding as well as having emptied some of my emotional cup. My health has improved - my skin, my digestion and my hip pain have all improved. I feel like I’m living life looking through a new lens. "


" I personally released a lot of stored trauma. One of the best aspects was learning about myself through the Ayurvedic doshas and chakras which made me more accepting of myself."


"My confidence has increased. How I process emotions is not as dramatic anymore. I literally release then move on. This work is practical. It equips people to process emotions efficiently. Phenomenal learnings and support."


"By addressing those deep buried emotional pockets, that were taking up valuable space. I have been able to move in a direction that supports who I am and my ‘super powers’ 😊 I have truly found my voice. "


"Through understanding myself better and backing myself now, I have been able to let go of stale relationships that no longer serve me. I have created boundaries professionally and personally that I didn’t have before. I have a true sense of self that I can continue building on. I felt like I am more myself than I have ever been. I realised that all emotional are there for a reason and how none are good or bad, but all have a place and a lesson. I enjoyed learning that trauma is deeper than you can ever imagine and stuck emotions take time to completely go, but the journey that unravelling it all takes you on is incredible and worth the ups and downs to come through the other side. "


"Lots! I use my voice. I set boundaries. I look at triggers completely differently. I don't avoid triggers and run away. When they come up I say thank you and put in the work to release them. And it feels really quick now. I don't feel stuck. Professionally business has totally boomed!"


"I have clarity on what I want separate from guilt and expectations. I can trust myself again that I have all the answers within and the ability to re-align myself, to respond rather than react. My marriage is a lot stronger as I am communicating how I need support and ultimately being my own source of encouragement."


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