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Emotional Body

Practitioner Training

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If you're a health and wellness practitioner who's frustrated at not knowing how to address the deeper emotional issues with your clients this is for you...

FINALLY: Know how to read the body and understand the emotions behind physical issues. Not only will you bring awareness, you'll go the next step and help facilitate the processing of their emotions to help them get unstuck and moving forward.

Emotional Body Practitioner Training


If so, you're in the right place, and I'm SO glad you're here.

You are not alone, I meet so many therapists, coaches and trainers that are so curious about the emotional side of health. They want so much for their clients but feel stuck and frustrated at not being able to deliver more. They want to delve deeper into the emotional backstory but don’t know what to say.

Their clients either don’t come back, or they just stay stuck, in a holding pattern and then the therapist starts to doubt themselves and question if they’re cut out for this type of work.

You can deliver a truly different experience to your clients…

Dear physical therapist, coach or trainer,

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You were trained to be holistic but have no idea what to do with the emotional aspect of health
  • You want to understand how the physical body presents the deeper underlying emotional issues
  • You know there are deeper issues holding your client’s back but don’t know how to identify these
  • You know that your client’s physical issues are tied in with the issues they are having in the external life but don’t know how to communicate this with them
  • You feel like you’re unlocking emotions but then you have no idea what to do with it all
  • You’ve done loads of spiritual study, energetic healing but are still challenged to integrate this in a practical way
  • You want to learn how to connect the dots to give a truly holistic approach to your treatment
  • You work with clients in a natural and alternative way, but what you’re doing doesn’t feel like it’s enough

You Can Learn To Read The Body.

You can learn where in the body emotions are stored or what different physical issues mean. You can then bring your client’s attention to this so that they begin to understand the story their body is telling them and what they can work on.
I’ll teach you how to integrate the knowledge of mind-body work into real-life practice.
I want you to feel like you can truly call yourself a holistic therapist and deliver this work in a way that feels right for you.

I'm Jin Ong

I’ve been a physical therapist for 14 years. I’ve trained as an osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist… But I haven’t always loved it.

The real-life practice was so different from what I was taught. I learned exercises and techniques and things to make people better. Most of the time it worked, but when I wasn’t making a difference in a handful of people I started to get down about my work, something was missing, I wanted to fill the gap.

I got frustrated treating the chronic clients who had experienced many months or years of being in discomfort. Unfortunately with the chronicity of their discomfort they lacked the motivation to make changes. They weren’t interested in taking responsibility for their health, making excuses for why they couldn’t do something or blaming others for the way they felt. However, I was their last resort.

It was almost like they wanted to stay in pain.

Deep down I knew I had to find a way to help my clients bring these issues to light and get to the true essence of what was causing their suffering.

Over the years I learnt the key that unlocked their route to healing. Almost immediately the results were far more profound than I could ever have expected.

It was then that I knew that I had to share this work with other practitioners that want to take their work deeper.

Introducing Emotional Body Training.

A comprehensive online platform and live coaching training helping therapists, bodyworkers, coaches and trainers deliver a truly holistic approach in their consults, bring awareness to the issues that keep your clients stuck and move them forwards towards their goals.

When you learn how to read the body, connect the dots and bring awareness to the deeper issues at play you’ll inspire, motivate and empower more people to make a positive change.

Online Course Platform

Lifetime access to the course platform
with video and written content to digest at your own pace

Live Coaching

10 weeks live coaching calls with Jin & her lead coach to ask your questions and be supported along the way

Phone App

Access to a handy phone app
so you can listen to the content on the go

This is the missing link

Here's a taste of what you will learn when you join...

Body type & shape

The basic body forms and their meaning

Body regions & emotions

A breakdown of each body part, joint and organ and their underlying emotions

Clinical Insights

Learn about the clinical presentations of injuries and certain conditions

Connecting the dots

Integrating this work into life and practice and getting more satisfying results with your clients.

Where emotions are stored

Learn the emotional chakra system & left versus right sided issues

Emotional Release

Understanding how stress and emotions are stored and how they discharge + how to handle the release


How to facilitate this work in practice, set expectations, and manage reactions

The Bigger Picture

What the main issue is that triggers the emotional disconnect that manifests as physical issues. Creating Foundations.


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You May Wonder How This Will Work

  • Lifetime Access to my Emotional Body Training private membership site and access to all updates (videos and any scripts or templates)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the course. Daily support from Jin and amazing support coaches to thrive with your community.
  • Video content to help build your knowledge base- this are kept short and to the point so it’s easy to digest
  • 10 Weeks of live group coaching calls with Jin and her lead coach to ask all your questions – this is where you can present your issues with your clients or yourself and be coached through how to facilitate this work. Coaching calls are used to teach content and support you on your journey.
  • All live group calls will be recorded and accessible to group participants during and after the course ends.

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What Sort Of Practitioners Is This Training For?

Therapists, coaches, trainers.
For the experienced it can help fill the gaps and give you an extra skill to use in your consultations. For those at the beginning of your journey, even better - the earlier you can be exposed to this work the easier it is to integrate it into your practice.

  • You are required to be actively seeing clients so that you can be supported to help them on a deeper level and put what you learn into practice
  • Physical therapists: Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists
  • Bodyworkers: massage therapists, kinesiologists
  • Coaches: mindset, transformation, life & business
  • Other therapists: Nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists, counsellors, psychologists, midwives, doulas
Anyone who works with clients to improve their health and wellbeing and wants to create a bigger shift in people’s lives.

I've done similar courses before,
is EBT really that different?

In short, Yes! Not only will you be able to help your clients on a deeper level but you’ll also go through your own personal challenges and growth, allowing you to authentically share this process with your clients.

If you’re finding that you’re not able to hold onto clients because you feel like you can’t offer them more; EBT will help you form a deeper connection with your clients. They'll get so much more from your sessions that they'll keep coming back to you.

If you're finding that you've resorted to over-giving in sessions only to get the same or worse results with your clients then EBT will help redefine your boundaries, regain your energy and create a win-win patient-practitioner relationship.

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What Have Other Practitioners Gained Through EBT?

Here's what Emotional Body Training Participants have to say.

SHANNON CARLIN - Oncology Naturopath

One of the biggest shifts for me was learning how to hold space for someone. When someone is upset I feel this urge to jump in.  And that isn't always what someone needs. I've learnt just to sit, hold that space, that safe, honest, trusting environment that allows my clients to be able to share.

It’s the evolving energetic shifts that I think have been most profound. I'm seeing some really beautiful transformations and healing with my clients.


ALEX BOWLES - Kinesiologist

EBT is a perfect mixture of learning new techniques, working on myself, and supporting my business. It was like doing a spiritual business course. That's the best way to explain it maybe.

Within the eight weeks of our program I lost 5kgs and that was big for me because in the past I would just cut out carbs and do some more exercise and I would lose weight, but it was literally stuck. I think releasing those stagnant emotions also allowed my stuck weight to finally ease off and release.

CHRISTINA KOUTSIMANIS - Somatic Dance Therapist, Counsellor & Bodyworker

Incorporating mind and body work together and guiding clients through the process of release, I now feel like I'm leaving people a lot better off. Letting their body tell them what needs removing or unblocking. It's been amazing. I've literally seen results times twenty.

For the first time in my life I feel like nothing is missing. I feel like I'm honest with myself. I've become really honest and understanding of who I am and if something comes up: process it. It doesn't need to be a big four-day journey. And yes, simple, life’s become really simple and quite stable.


TEODORA PILE  - Life Coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist & heart math practitioner

EBT has been the best investment I have made both personally and professionally. It has brought so much value, not only in my business and the way I work with clients but personally too. It's a complete transformational process.

Personally I love to start client sessions with this. It creates a light bulb moment and my clients are like: “Oh my God, this is me. And this is what I need to work on.” 

YVANE FIFITA - Somatic Bodyworker

There was always a bit of hesitation around bringing up thoughts and feelings with clients, partly because I didn't know how to express them myself.

During the course I learnt how to acknowledge and release my emotions and now I am able to talk about emotions with my patients and provide them with the opportunity to express how they feel.


NINA KENNETT - Health Coach

I'd had three years of chronic hip, pelvis and lower back pain. I was unable to sleep on one side of my body and I couldn't do the sports that I love.

I'm now 98% pain free and feel so blessed to be able play sports again. And to be able to sleep, not waking in pain.

Because I'd done so much emotional work before it was like, "what am I missing? Why is the pain still persisting?" So it was really awesome to get to the bottom of it. And just dive deeper into the emotional stuff.

EMILY BREWER - Emotion Coach

It's an amazing feeling to be able to help clients release something which they know has been hanging over their shoulders. 

EBT has also really helped me understand the relationships with different people in my life and understand that why they do what they do is actually just part of them. I'm now less triggered by them and really come at things with much more compassion and understanding. I feel like I really understand my friends and family a lot better. And I just have much better relationships.


LUI KIDNER - Nutritionist & Colon Hydrotherapist

I'm still a nutritionist and a colon hydrotherapist, but it is so nice to have the world of emotions open up.

I think the fact that I am now so comfortable with it, and that in a lot of sessions me and my clients spend a lot of time talking about that side of things, I am able to address those areas first and foremost, before we even go into nutrition and supplements.

ARIANA HENDERSON - Bodyworker & Massage Therapist

I use my voice. I set boundaries. I look at triggers completely differently. I don't avoid triggers and run away. When they come up I say thank you and put in the work to release them. It’s so quick now.. I don't feel stuck. Professionally business has totally boomed!


GEMMA HAY - Podiatrist / Health & Mindset Coach

Doing this work has changed the trajectory of what I'm doing, where I'm coaching, and where I'm seeing my whole future.  It has allowed me to acknowledge the parts of me that didn't have a voice, that were being ignored or dismissed. The release process let me sit with them and speak to the needs and wants of what was underneath all that.

Now my patients are getting real change because we're getting under those layers. And it’s not fluffy or trying to reframe something or trying to positively out think the truth of what's going on. It’s looking at absolute truth. It's diving in deep and it's more real, authentic, genuine. All the things that I want to be.

SARA ACLAND - Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach

The work that I did releasing my own traumas has helped my relationships so much, and my parenting and my coaching as well.

I had a low grade anxiety just sort of humming around in the background and I don't have that anymore. It's amazing how you don't really realize it's there until it's released.

Since doing the training I've got more clarity about where I want to go with my coaching and I feel way more confident about what I can help people with.


ELLE BROWN - Women's Health Nutritionist.

For the first time I was getting to the crux off my clients issues and watched their issues fall away.
I was deficient in vitamin B12, D and iron as well as liver issues. My bloods are now stable and the only things I changed was the emotional work.
Jin cracked me wide open. I’ve done a lot of emotional healing work but never have I experienced the shifts that I experienced on this training.

BEC TALIA - Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

This course has changed everything for me. I’m seeing great results in my clients and I’ve never been happier with how I practice.

My anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies are almost completely gone. I feel the best I have in years.


BROC MARTIN - Health Coach

It was so valuable to go through the process myself. I needed to experience the power that comes through this work before I offer it to my clients.

This training got me thinking about my soul purpose. One of the best things was the support of the group who I got to share my journey with. I was encouraged and supported all the way through.

VENLA KÄRKI - Osteopath

With Jin’s guidance I’m more confident in taking care of the emotional issues in my patients. I have become a more holistic practitioner.
I’m more comfortable expressing my own feelings, and am more confident in letting other people express their emotions and not it personally. This has allowed me to hold space for my patients at a deeper level.


Listen to stories of clients I've worked with...

Drugs, Prison & The Power Of Transformation

Carla Jones - Special Needs, Cults & Human Design

The Unspoken Parts Of A Release

Are You Ready To Enroll?

Or do you have questions?

If you’re feeling like you’re getting stuck with clients or not enjoying working with them, you need this work. It will help you pull your clients up on the emotions and beliefs that keep them stuck in their chronic pattern. This work is hugely satisfying when you can bring awareness to the true issues at hand.

We all have emotions including you. During this training you will uncover your own blocks that require acknowledging and coaching to help you facilitate this work. 

You do need to be prepared to be vulnerable and trust that you are supported by myself and the group.

To do this work on your clients you need to go through the process and discomforts yourself to be able to give your clients a nudge.

Don’t worry we will help you with this. Once you learn the technique and start to practice this we'll teach you how to broach the topic with your clients with certain lines of questioning to help you delve deeper. Learning where emotions are stored and what physical presentations mean is the easy part, it’s the communication with your clients that is challenging. During the live coaching and in the Facebook support group you can ask us all your questions about your clients and we'll help you problem solve and navigate your way through their treatment.

The earlier you get this information the better! This is what helped me feel like I could deliver a holistic approach and I wish I had found this work at the beginning of my practice. Ideally you are seeing clients. If you are a student or just starting out please note priority is given to practitioners actively seeing clients. You will get the most out of this work if you can implement it with your clients. Please get in touch and I will assess if it is appropriate to let you into the training. Please contact me via email [email protected] before you purchase.

You will be guided each week as to what modules to work on. Each module has a video/transcript/audio version that you can download and consume at your own pace.

You will need to set aside around 60-90 minutes per week. You have lifetime access to all of the content and any updates. Not all of it will be relevant for you depending on what clients you tend to see. As you see clients with different conditions and presentations I will discuss them with you. This combined with the live calls is when the information will stick.

Additional Facebook videos are added time to time depending on the themes going on in the group.

You will get access to Set Your Foundations which are a series of four worksheets with carefully curated questions. These are for your own benefit to help you set your foundation.

Each worksheet takes one hour and I advise that these are completed in the first two weeks of the course. I will often reference this and ask you to get clear on this work. This is optional for you to complete.

Most people learn from the live interaction. This can't be learnt from a text book. Think of the content as your reference. It's OK if you don't get through it all by the end of the training. You have lifetime access.

The live calls are recorded and will be available via a file on the Facebook group.

You also have access to the private Facebook group and I’ll be there to support you with your questions for the duration of the training.

Some say the live coaching is the best part, to connect, share and grow. It is in your best interest to set aside this time to show up for yourself. This is also your opportunity to get comfortable with other's emotions and be inspired by the changes that occur.

Be on time for the coaching calls.

For a group of 8 the calls will be 90 minutes.

For a group of 9-12 you will need to allow two hours for the calls.

We know these are challenging times for a lot of people. There is a 3 payment option available to help you spread the payments. Plus we're going to put lots of time into supporting you to ensure you get the most out of this training.

If you’re seeing clients and worried they’re not going to be coming in… Now, more than ever if you are working with your clients this is the work they need to support them. If you’re looking into this type of work; I know you have that ability to support them. If you’re finding that you’re not able to hold onto clients because you feel like you can’t offer them more; this will help you form that deeper connection with your clients, where they know they are getting something different and want to continue to work with you to help release their blocks.

Yes. This training has been run for a few groups now and the the results have been amazing. Not only for the participant's professional life but also their personal life and emotional awareness.

I recently facilitated a Release course for 60 participants with my lead coach and again, the transformations were huge!
I’m constantly teaching this to my clients and community. I’ve also held small workshops with therapists teaching them techniques, and always integrate the emotional aspect into applying a technique or therapy. I also own two clinics with a team of 7 other osteopaths & chiropractors and have also worked with physiotherapists in my clinic in the past; all of whom I have mentored to ensure they are delivering a holistic approach to treatment. Over the years I’ve been asked to teach this in a more structured way, and here it is.

The intention is that it is run twice per year. But I'm not promising anything! Life can change :)

This is an open size group- the more on the group the deeper the experience and learning opportunity.

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"The Emotional Body training program with Jin was of "life-changing" status for me.
I have always been intrigued by the mind-body connection. I was curious to further understand the messages our bodies are, often "quietly", sending us through physical symptoms and ailments. I was so intrigued how emotions & physical ailments could be linked and how to release them to move towards optimal health. I had a number of personal breakthroughs - it is very hard to identify what is the "biggest" and most impactful. Acknowledging the "belief" systems, behaviours and patterns that are formed post-childhood /adult trauma experiences and seeing how these impact and present in physical symptoms. Being exposed to practical strategies that individuals can use to process trauma, question belief systems and increase awareness of patterns is the most amazing life skill to acquire and pass to others.
There is a new level of awareness that I bring to my daily life. I now have a range of practical strategies to help process/release emotions - for myself, my family and clients. I have a greater sense of awareness around my personal triggers, fears, resistance and blocks.
Recognising the tendency to suppress, repress & numb out. I feel more comfortable exploring these uncomfortable places to see what they reveal. Sitting in the uncomfortable & exploring the uncomfortable. Now I cannot "not see" or "unsee" the emotional connections to symptoms being experienced. I have a new sense of confidence and value in the work I am doing. I am more open to discussing or creating a sense of curiosity with clients re: if they feel emotions may be playing a part in their wellness / health situation. I feel less of a need to provide a "fix". I feel OK with providing a safe space for people to feel heard when exploring the emotional connection with their situation and symptoms.To be able to provide practical strategies for clients to further explore & process emotions is an amazing addition to my practitioner toolbox.
I absolutely loved the weekly live coaching call. Participant sharing was so raw & vulnerable and made the training very powerful and impactful. It was amazing to put the work into practice individually. At times this was exhausting and emotional. It was great to personally experience the impact this type of work can have, so you have a true understanding of what clients will experience as they undertake the work. It was also great to share the personal growth journey with a group of practitioners - this truly made the training very powerful. A powerful personal experience, coupled with a shared group experience.
I would thoroughly recommend the training, not only from a personal development experience but also to develop the skills to become a more holistic practitioner.
Jin is an amazing practitioner with such a depth of knowledge and a strong sense of generosity that I received far, far more than what I expected from the Emotional Body Training Course.

Mel Wigan
Functional Medicine Health Coach

"I was amazed at Jin's ability to hold space and how comfortable I was with her. I was able to share parts of my life that I had kept repressed for many years. I had a huge breakthrough in the emotional release work. I had lots of repressed anger and sadness and through learning and practising the techniques I moved through and found a release.
Going back to traumatic events in my early childhood and talking to my inner child with the support of Jin allowed me to identify unconscious limiting beliefs. Being now able to identify when I’m people-pleasing and doing things form a place of fear rather than service and able to be confident to realise the work I was doing was causing unsustainable stress and preparing to move into a different type of work.
I am more confident and have more belief in the mind-body connection through going through it myself.
This was a very well run course and it was a privilege to be a part of these amazing human beings journey.

Broc Martin
Health Coach

" I knew this training would be of benefit not only to my clients but myself. I wanted to add more holistic approaches to my coaching toolbox.
I know mind-body, emotions etc is where people can get stuck and I wanted to find out more. I had the opportunity to dive deeper not only into my own emotions but also the reasons why I may have been getting stuck with my clients.
Throughout the process I became aware of where my stories/pain points are coming from and how to release these from the body. I feel more flow, focus and awareness in my life. I was also really interested to learn about Chakras and Ayurveda.
I loved all of the content and the live coaching was great and well put together + I loved Jin’s gentle and encouraging nudges on the Facebook group.... We had a fantastic group of professionals that were all really supportive and Jin's encouragement, passion and support for us was so appreciated.

Allison Slee
Nutrition & Health Coach

"I wasn't sure if I should have bit more clinical experience under my belt, if I'd have enough time to commit and if the Emotional Body Online Training was indeed was the right next step for me. However, as I've become interested in my work in how emotions play a role in people's physical problems, this training sounded like that was what the programme was about.
Jin draws on many different philosophies, so it sounded like I'd get the wisdom of those different philosophies without going through them all individually and figuring how they fit together by myself. I also like the idea of getting to work on my own problems at the same time.
My biggest breakthrough was getting comfortable with my own feelings and expressing them, which in turn makes me comfortable with other people's feelings and them expressing them without taking it personally. I am now comfortable with other people's feelings and them expressing them without taking it personally. This has allowed me to start letting go of my habit of taking responsibility for other people's emotions and also how I interact with other people.
I'm more confident in expressing myself when I know that I probably don't have much to do with other people's reactions, it's probably more to do with their own life experiences. I now prod more into people's emotional difficulties instead of letting them glaze over them while talking history. I have been given a way in with the emotions that I didn't get from undergrad, and I can relate it to the physical issues the patient is there for.
Jin is very passionate about her work, and more than happy to support you in any aspect, be it your own healing journey or your practice and patient questions. I enjoyed the group calls, the interactive aspect of it and meeting other participants "face to face". I think that sharing in a group on a video call makes all the difference compared to only sharing in the Facebook group. You really have to be vulnerable, and if you're going to ask your patients to do that, you should know how it feels. We also learn to hold space for other's sharing at the same time. If you are looking to understand the mind-body connection and how emotions might be playing a role in the physical issues, I would recommend working with Jin.

Venla Karki

"I kept reaching stuck points with my clients. We would only get so far on their healing journey but we couldn’t quite break all the way through. I didn’t feel confident to push further into these or at times to even comment on them or bring them up. I felt something was lacking for me in my training and when I stumbled upon the emotional body training it felt like exactly what I had been looking for to refine my skills in this area and learn more about it.
The training has honestly being life altering for me professionally and personally. Jin cracked me wide open; something that therapy and a lot of emotional work in the past wasn’t able to do. I felt supported but also pushed in a way that was so needed. I found the weekly coaching calls with the group to be intense, emotional, incredible, vulnerable and so awe inspiring.
Week by week I began to feel physically and emotionally better and my clients were rebooking and having breakthroughs. My business and way of coaching and consulting has completely changed, I have many new clients and I feel centred and more confident as a practitioner. There have been many shifts in my personal life also as well as huge advances in my physical well-being. The content of this course is sooo interesting and Jin is so supportive, assisting in navigating client cases and providing insight.
I went into this course struggling with my health physically; I was just beginning to recover from many deficiencies and elevated liver markers. I feel my work with Jin and my learnings from the course played such a large role in my recovery. My bloods are now completely normal and stable. I released ALOT and many people have been commenting on how vibrant I look and feel. I am having breakthroughs with my clients that I never saw before; women healing from binge eating, gut issues and a whole host of niggles and symptoms that I wasn’t able to successfully fully help them with before. I am a much more confident practitioner and I feel I offer a much more holistic and well rounded service now than ever before.
This training felt like someone placed me in a snow globe, shook it all up and sat with me while we navigated the dust settling. It made me question my work, my relationships and myself as well as saw massive positive changes occur for my physical health. I now have stable bloods, I have a much healthier relationship with all of those in my life including myself, my clients rebook and there is a nice continual flow of newbies coming in.
I see huge emotional releases occur with my clients and gosh do we go through some tissue boxes! But I see their symptoms and complaints diminishing and their light returning, just like what happened for me.
I feel I have changed as a practitioner completely. I am much more confident, centred and holistic. I probe and ask questions now that I would not have dreamed of having the confidence to do before. I hold space for my clients without over giving and whilst still protecting my own energy (something I struggled with before) and I make connections with symptoms in a more holistic and improved manner, addressing all areas of health and life. My consult form now also has a new section called emotional body and I find my clients absolutely love that I address ALL of their concerns.
Most if not all of my clients have needed some help in navigating or accessing emotions and so too have my loved ones and myself.
This course is so beneficial for someone wanting to improve their skills as a practitioner and effectively help their clients in a more holistic way.

Elle Brown
Women's Health Nutritionist

"Before signing up I was worried that as much as I love learning bout this kind of thing, that I would not be able to apply it to my work very well. I was drawn in by the extra dimension of being able to treat people more holistically and to help myself.
I enjoyed the Emotional Body Training thoroughly. I had covered a little bit of the chakras and Chinese organ clock and the emotions they hold in my naturopathic course but it was great to refresh and add to my knowledge. Learning the other body parts was something completely new to me and as I do some body work it was really relevant to that part of my work.
My biggest breakthrough was not being as anxious and being excited about my work which I have not felt this way in years. Now, I'm not as stressed, I have more energy, I sleep and I enjoy my work again.
I am now more holistic and observe body signs better and I have more tools in my toolbox I enjoyed meeting up with everyone every week. I enjoyed the content as well but this was where a lot of the learning in action and connection happened.

Bec Talia
Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

"I feel confident to speak about emotions and hold space for others.

Learning to interpret the signs and signals our body gives us is tremendously helpful not only for our own health and well-being but for those we are working with in our health practices.

Yvane Fifita
Somatic Body Worker & Musculoskeletal Specialist

"I was drawn to Jin as a person and teacher. She exuded a peaceful energy of confidence, clarity, and a wealth of knowledge.
From what I have seen it's rare that people are able to enjoy a successfully thriving business while provide healing to others. It often seems the two don't go hand in hand. I could tell she loved and was successful with both aspects, which is exactly what I wanted for myself!
When she spoke about emotions and the body everything resonated and fitted perfectly with the knowledge I was already exposed to and filled in the big gaps of what was missing. I felt like I could trust the material and techniques we would be receiving that it wouldn't be too foo-fooey coming from left field or too closed-minded but instead strike a balance for me.
Before I wanted to help every single person. Now I have the trust and peace to know when a client is a good fit or not. I don't feel guilty. I feel more confident in my abilities and worth and therefore able to become more focused on meeting my client's needs.
I have become more communicative in preparing clients and explaining the purpose and process of techniques. I have seen the huge growth clients have experienced in their lives in such a short period of time.
I absolutely loved all of the content in the course! The 1:1 emotional release coaching was a game changer! As well as watching the other practitioner's calls. It catapulted us into confidently delivering this work to our clients. The open-ended support we received on Facebook and in our calls was amazing. Anything we needed was on the table.
I feel that everyone whose profession is serving others should know about this! It targets the core of health and wellness.

Ariana Henderson
Bodyworker & Massage Therapist

"I am virtually 95% pain free after being able to shift pain from my hips and pelvis as well as process childhood experiences and trauma. My level of awareness is so much greater and I love that I can do this work as a practitioner.
I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to use this work not being a hands-on bodyworker however the teaching was catered towards the varying course participants. I now feel more confident in putting this work out there, and facilitating emotional release processes with my clients
This work is so beneficial when it comes to all sorts of health concerns and is a great tool to have up your sleeve as a practitioner.

Nina Kennett
Holistic Health Coach

"This training is incredible from start to finish, there was so much being reflected in my external environment that I was able to observe more objectively than I ever have been able to before. I was also able to experience a deep release of aspects that I thought I had addressed previously, but this time it was the raw honesty of my emotions that provided the freedom on the other side.
I rediscovered my confidence and sense of self. Now I have clarity on my purpose and desire to create my own business that brings together all of my skills and interests.
I resigned from my job and moved interstate shortly after the training. I have clarity on what I want separate from guilt and expectations. I can trust myself again that I have all the answers within and the ability to re-align myself, to respond rather than react. My marriage is a lot stronger as I am communicating how I need support and ultimately being my own source of encouragement.
This will continue to unfold. Going forward I hope to create my own online platform to guide people to re-connect with themselves and their own intuition.
I gained so much from the 1:1 with Jin, that allowed everything to shift for me! I could suddenly see my world open up to a new way of doing life!
The group was beautiful, the content was enlightening and the coaching was incredible!
We are not taught how to express emotions and I believe this is what is contributing to the increased amount of illness and disease in people’s bodies.

Gemma Hay
Podiatrist & Health Coach

"I was very drawn to the work and I felt it was the missing link for me. I really loved that Jin took the time to answer all my concerns before I started.
It was a great group and I loved the support and all the sharing. Jin is highly knowledgeable and knows how to hold space. I also loved that we had the support coaches.
The structure of the whole course was great and I particularly enjoyed the live coaching.
Since doing the course I am much more in tune to my body and much more confident in my client sessions. I use the learnings all the time and focus my client work around them now.

Teodora Pile
Hypnotherapist, NLP & Heart Math Practitioner, Life Coach

"You have given me the torch to now ignite my clients lights. By light I mean the tools to tap into those hidden emotions which may be contributing to chronic health issues.
Jin, the flow on effects from your course, just keep coming for me. It is difficult to put into words the personal energetic and emotional shifts I have had, from your 1:1 healing sessions and putting your work into practice on myself. By addressing these deep buried emotional pockets, they were taking up space of more valuable things for me, I have been able to move in a direction which much better supports who I am and my ‘super powers’ I have truly found my voice.
You identified and peeled away the layers of some emotional baggage I didn’t even know I had! And funny looking back, that I was the one who introduced myself with “nothing really going on for me physically or emotionally, I am here to learn how to be a better practitioner for my clients!” But, we all have a little something buried away don’t we!
On a professional level, you showed and taught me how to hold the space better for my clients, this was huge for me. And I am now able to build on my existing healing knowledge and skill, to take my consultations to a higher level of understanding of emotional-physical manifestations, and be able to better concisely explain this to my clients. You have assisted me to add more value to each and every consultation.
Thanks Jin, it has been so wonderful to indulge myself in your emotional body healing.

Shannon Carlin
Oncology Naturopath

" I have always felt like the emotional/psychological side of things was the one thing I was missing with clients. Every client was coming with mental and emotional overwhelm and sources of trauma however, I didn’t feel comfortable delving into it and addressing it due to it not being within my frame of work.
I’ve also always had a lot of my own physical issues that I’ve been able to work through and resolve by delving into the mental and emotional side of things. I knew this course was exactly what I needed when I saw it.
Initially I was hesitant about both committing to and financially investing in another course and without the insurance of the benefits it would bring to my practice.
However I found the course wonderful and inspiring. The group was incredible and the coaches were great to learn from.
My biggest breakthrough was really tapping into my intuitive side. I also felt like I got to the point of finally backing myself. Feeling like I have let go of second- guessing myself and knowing that what I have to give is special and enough!
Since taking the course I now understand myself better and back myself. I have been able to let go of stale relationships that no longer serve me and I’ve created boundaries both professionally and personally that I didn’t have before. I have a true sense of self that I can continue building on.
I felt like I am more myself than I have ever been.
As a practitioner setting these new boundaries was huge. No more over-giving and over-committing. I am also putting myself out there face-to-face and on social media differently than before- with more confidence. I have attracted so many more of my own clients by sharing in what I believe and being authentic.
Working with clients I’m now also able to delve a lot deeper into the emotional side of things. In treatment plans I incorporate emotions and with some clients I will only do emotional work if that is what is needed. I love the variety.
During the course I really loved the Thursday calls and hearing everyone’s progress and different wins and challenges. I liked watching how everyone evolved and how some did at different paces and to observe behaviours. I loved the live personal coaching and getting to go through the process with Jin.
I really enjoyed understanding emotions and realising that all emotions are there for a reason and how none are good or bad, but all have a place and a lesson. I enjoyed learning that trauma is deeper than you can ever imagine and stuck emotions take time to completely go, but the journey that unravelling it all takes you on is incredible and worth the ups and downs to come through the other side.
I’d highly recommend this course to other practitioners. I think it’s one of the most integral parts of health. Especially in modern day society! I think every qualified practitioner should do it :)
I would say this course is not for anyone who does not have a degree or a very thorough understanding of the body; and how precious emotions and the body are. It's powerful work and an understanding of duty of care is essential.

Lui Kidner
Nutritionist & Colon Hydrotherapist

"I wanted results with my clients and felt like something was missing. I'd been off social media for awhile and the first day i jumped back on Jin’s course came up and I'd been searching to qualify in Psychosomatic therapy. The timing was perfect!
I had an incredible experience on the course and the support I received was amazing. My biggest breakthrough was learning how to process emotions properly. Since doing the course my confidence has increased and how I process emotions is not as dramatic anymore, I literally release then move on.
As a practitioner my value has gone up. The results clients are getting superseed my previous sessions. Integrating my work with Jin’s Course has brought in a sounder structure and foundation to my practice. This has increased my confidence by a mile. Clients are leaving with a greater release and processing their emotions efficiently. I am now able to work on the mind and body in a more effective way.
I loved learning and connecting with a group of practitioners. The support was incredible. With such unique coaches there was a sense of safety, care while being integrating the work, and inspiration. Jin has gleaned from her experiences and masterfully created a mind-body course that successfully works. There is a high level of responsibility and personal growth, which have helped me personally value my own work as a practitioner.
I really enjoyed learning where emotions were trapped in the body, it was my missing link. Incorporating mind, body and soul - I received an element of soul work that truly helped with the essence of my brand. Jin’s confidence, knowledge and sincere nature was refreshing.
I’d absolutely recommend this work to other practitioners. It is practical and equips you to process emotions efficiently. Phenomenal learnings and support!

Christina Koutsimanis
Somatic Dance Therapist, Counsellor & Bodyworker

"I’m fascinated about the mind body connection and how emotions become trapped in our body causing physical pain and dis-ease. I feel that emotional awareness and our ability to deal with emotions is very much lacking in our society. There is so much information about diets, nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements etc but very few people are sharing information about emotions and how these should be processed. Emotional awareness is really lacking in our current society.
However I was nervous about signing up and committing to a program that I wasn’t sure would be completely for me. I was also worried about juggling my commitments with the workload of the course.
I quickly found that the training was amazing. It was awesome to be part of a special group of people who were all passionate about understanding how to better treat patients by working on the emotional aspects that were holding their patients back and causing them pain and disease. The group were so supportive and great at holding space and allowing us all to grow through the training.
The whole course felt like many breakthroughs but for me the biggest one has been a major boost to my confidence and understanding of my personality, body type and emotional tendencies so that I can be more confident in my uniqueness.
There have been so many amazing changes. All my relationships are better because I have more understanding as well as having emptied some of my emotional cup. My health has improved - my skin, my digestion and my hip pain have all improved. I feel like I’m living life looking through a new lens.
I loved every part of the course, especially the live group coaching, the fb page where people shared their questions, wins, challenges, and supported each other. I loved having the support coaches and I loved hearing the changes and breakthroughs that people got with their clients and the ideas and suggestions that were given for people to try to manage different/difficult situations.
I would highly recommend this work to everyone. Basically if you have a brain and a body this work will apply to you as we all have emotional processing to work through. And for all types of practitioners this course would provide such a good addition to the type of treatment they already provide. It’s a technique that can be combined with most treatments.
Jin you are amazing and super inspiring!! Your vision, knowledge and passion for this work is infectious and you share your knowledge so clearly and logically. The format and the way you bring the group together worked so well. I’m sure there are many more practitioners who will benefit from this groundbreaking work that our society desperately needs.

Emily Brewer
Emotion Coach

"I signed up for Jin’s course because I was intrigued to learn more about different styles of emotional release than in my kinesiology training and always wanted to find out more about ayurvedic doshas.
I loved how I could apply what I learned immediately to my own clients’ wellbeing.
My biggest breakthrough was personal and involved talking to my dad about something that happened nearly 7 years ago. To experience the release on all levels was both empowering and healing.
Since the course I have developed a clearer communication with myself, family and clients. My liver and gallbladder pain has disappeared and I’ve lost weight for the first time since having children.
As a practitioner I’ve started incorporating doshas into my work along with a clearer link of physical ailments to chakras. I use muscle tests for emotions and now I know how I can help clients to release them.
My favourite parts of the course were the live calls, the weekly goal setting and Wednesday question time and the mentoring work for our businesses. The group was amazing.
Jin is such an inspiration in sharing her knowledge and passion about emotional body work.
While I was aware of the body mind connection and the power of emotion, trauma and wellbeing, I was able to fill my toolbox with more knowledge of Ayuverdic Doshas, another form of emotional stress release work and chakras.
Not only was I able to support my own gall bladder healing and shifting some weight, I was also straight away able to implement this work in my Kinesiology Clinic.
I highly recommend Jin's emotional body training to any body worker, life coach or energy healer to support clients and own personal growth and development. Thank you Jin.

Alex Bowles

"I signed up for the training after previously doing some 1-1 sessions with Jin. As a coach I wanted to be able to incorporate her techniques into my own coaching. I wasn't sure if EBT was going to be relevant for health coaching, but it is a perfect fit.
The course was life changing. I had to be really vulnerable and open up and once I did everything flowed - I personally released a lot of stored trauma. One of the best aspects was learning about myself through the Ayurvedic doshas and chakras, which made me more accepting of myself. Learning about the dosha's in general has been really helpful in getting a better understanding of my clients as well. The trauma release techniques have already proved to be really powerful, both for myself and my clients.
Since the course I’ve gained the confidence to go whichever direction I want to with my coaching. Having a deeper understanding of myself and releasing stored emotions has given me a belief in myself that I didn't have before and I am now more driven, confident and just excited to be able to help people in this way. I am more confident to put my own flavour in my coaching so my clients get a more tailored, authentic experience with me and I am offering emotional release when it is needed.
I really enjoyed the coursework, in particular the emotional release and communication, and learning about the doshas. The live coaching/emotional release was beneficial - not easy but cathartic. And it was really helpful watching the others on the course doing their own emotional release work. I also really liked our live group calls.
The pragmatic approach to the emotional release work and to the whole course/content was great. And the support we got from Jin and the lead coach - they both really pushed us to be our best.
I would recommend this course to other practitioners - it's transformational!

Sara Acland
Health Coach

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